Wednesday, February 28, 2007

Primary Election Day

Tuesday was the Primary Election for Peoria's at-large City Council seats. 14 candidates were to be narrowed down to 10 for the April 17 General Election where 5 will be elected. One of the TV stations reports a less-than 10% voter turnout.

I voted at about 3:30 pm and was the 11th person to vote in my precinct.


Seraph said...

Blessed Feast of St. Patrick to you, Steven!

I don't know if this has direct bearing on your precinct experience, but there are small groups of "free state" folks who want to move to New Hampshire and South Carolina to take over local politics (since most folks don't vote) and perhaps even to secede.

Though I'm not ready to pick up and move to either state (well, maybe New Hampshire), I find that interesting.

Fraternally yours,

-Florida Whig Party- said...

Sadly, primary and off-season elections don't have a lot of turnout. I think the Whigs should focus on increasing voter turnout in all elections.